30 day streak – By Andy Mossop

Everyone’s favourite super-fast midget has just completed a 30 day challenge – of running every day! Here he tells us why and how he did it, and what he learnt through it – why not give it a try yourself?


Taking on the Bieg Noworoczny in Park Skaryszewski (Andy’s the one on the left not wearing sunglasses ;))

30 day streak – By Andy Mossop

It was dark, cold and late when Agata kicked me out of the car about a kilometer before we got home … and I thanked her for it!
It’s not that she was mad at me, or that I’m just extremely polite when losing an argument, but I’d actually asked her to do it. It was just one of the creative methods for running 1km every day for 30 days in the middle of the party season (Christmas holidays).
I sometimes find that hard and constrictive rules can sometimes inspire creativity and lateral thinking. Definitely this was the case with setting myself the challenge of running 30 days in a row.
The idea which came from Spanish runners world was intended to help keep trim through the holiday season when the norm is to overeat, oversleep and leave running trainers out of sight and out of mind.

Not only was I surprised that I managed to complete it, I was also surprised by how I did it. It changed the way I thought about running and broke me usual routine, so here’s some thoughts to share with other who might want to do the same or who are just looking for motivation to get out running when the desire isn’t there.

What changed?

Before challenge : After challenge
km per month –  75 (Jan – Nov) : 150 (Dec)
#times run home from work –  0 : 3

What did I learn?
1. Running home is faster than taking the bus home (25 minutes vs 45 minutes – dolina sluzewiecka is a nightmare).
2. My winter jacket fits nicely into my backpack.
3. The first half of the challenge was a lot tougher than the second half.
4. The bus stop, two stops before my flat is almost exactly 1km.
5. I can run in a straight line after 3 Guinness.
6. I can run ok without a GPS watch and it’s fun.
7. Adding runs to endomondo by drawing a route is really easy (especially when it’s under 2km).
8. I remembered that I used to run everywhere as a kid and think it was normal.
9. There’s always a way to find at least 5 minutes for exercise.
10. There are a LOT of parties in December.
11. If I make up my mind to do something and don’t even think about not doing it, I’ll always find a way.
12. I have a REALLY understanding & supportive girlfriend.
13. I don’t need to get changed into specialized running gear to be able to run.

What advice do I have?
1. It helps when you know that someone else is doing the same challenge (for me it was my Spanish work colleagues in Basel)
2. It helps to change your mindset from “I hope I can do this” or “I want to see how much I can do” to “How am I going to run 1km today?” makes it a lot easier – there’s ALWAYS a way to run 1km in a day.
3. Give it a try and find your own way of doing it!
4. It’ll be more fun than you think.



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