WITC at Bieg Niepodległości

Bieg Niepodległości – Independence Day run – 11.11.2011

The Pilsudski statue by Belvedere Palace

While in most of Western Europe and North America, 11th November is known as Armistice day (or Remembrance/Veteran’s day), the date which marked the end of World War One and on which we remember those who died for their country, in Poland the date has a slightly different significance. On the same day in 1918 Józef Piłsudski was entrusted with creating a national government of Poland, thereby re-establishing an independent Polish state after 123 years of partition by Russia, Prussia/Germany and Austria. So as you can see it’s an important date for Poles and is suitably celebrated every year as Independence Day.


But enough about history. At 11:11 on 11.11.2011, 6 WITC club members started in the annual Independence Day run. Despite the start time of 11:11 being fairly easy to remember, Andy Mossop seemed convinced that the race began at 12 and nearly missed the start. After a few frantic phone calls he made it just in time! The course took runners in a straight line down Jana Pawła onto the appropriately-named Aleja Niepodległośći and then all the way back again – the only negative of this was that you could see the first runners coming back in the opposite direction after a couple of kilometres. But after all the training we’d done over the year we were in fairly good shape, and thanks to running with Andy I managed to set my best 10km time for 7 years. Congratulations also go to Olgierd Swida, who completed his first race with WITC and his first running competition since he was at school!!

Well done everyone!

Afterwards we met up for the now traditional post-race photos and then grabbed some well-earned food and drinks. Well done to everyone who took part!




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