WITC at the Accreo Ekiden Relay Maraton

Accreo Ekiden Relay Maraton, Sunday 27th May 2012

2 WITC teams took part in a great relay marathon held in Kepa Potocka on Sunday 27th May, with the competitive juices in full flow between both teams. It was the club’s first appearance at a relay event and for the majority of us it was also the first time we’d tried an event of this kind. We arrived in Kepa Potocka in the north of Warsaw for the 2pm start with the conditions almost perfect for running, dry but cloudy with a bit of sun coming through – you couldn’t have asked for more :)

A rare, successful GB baton handover

The race was held on a 5km loop (which also included an additional 2.72 km loop to make up the full marathon distance) which meant that those not running could cheer on the people taking part and made for a great atmosphere, especially as the runners came down the last kilometre where the majority of the people were gathered. It’s quite rare to have your teammates cheer you on in a race as usually we’re all running together so this was a different, but still great, feeling.

Leo and co sprint down the home straight

One of the highlights of the race was when the last runner on each team (Igors Berkovics and Leo Vilhena) came down the final straight, and the rest of the team (plus a few others) jumped onto the course and ran the final 100m or so together with them! Although Igors himself said it scared him it was still a great gesture of teamwork, which after all is what this race was all about.


All in all it was a great day out and we can’t wait till next year’s edition!

Alex takes on the baton

Accreo Ekiden Relay Marathon roll-call:

TEAM A                                                                                 TEAM B

Laurent Uhres                                                                        Anna Kaminska

Andy Mossop                                                                          Erdal Halil

Alan Parsons                                                                           Rob Phillips

Cristina Moldoveanu                                                              Alex Hobley

Ewa Smiechowska                                                                  Dominika Piasecka

Igors Berkovics                                                                       Leo Vilhena

Gimme a "W"

Congratulations to everyone who took part!!



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