WITC at the Borowno Triathlon 2012

WITC at the Panasonic Evolta Triathlon, Borówno 2nd September 2012

On a sunny morning about 20km north of Bydgoszcz, 7 WITC athletes and another half dozen supporters made their way to Borowno for one of the biggest events on the Polish triathlon calendar.  This late season triathlon features both ½ Ironman and full Ironman distance circuits, with the two races occurring simultaneously.  The full Ironman distance got underway at 7am, featuring Grzegorz Bobrownicki-Libchen (competing for the 2nd time at Borówno, you can read about last year’s ironman here) and Stan Staniczenko (first time Ironman triathlete) racing for WITC. Weather conditions were ideal for a late season race, and both competitors got off to comfortable starts.  The Half Ironman distance featured Luca Colombo, Maciej Brzezinski, Lukasz Sodoł, Emil Truszkowski, Adam Piekarski. For Maciej, Lukasz, Emil and Adam, it was their first shot at the Half-Ironman distance!

The half-ironmen and women ready to go…

The support team and their amazing banner

By the afternoon, both races were well underway and the WITC fans had something/someone to cheer for at almost every moment.  The cycle course was about 30km in length so the half-iron/iron racers did 3/6 laps respectively.  Dominika Piasecka and Ewa Smiechowska led the WITC cheering all day creating a banner for the club and getting good use out of Ken Globerman’s WITC bullhorn!  “Dawaj! Dawaj! Dawaj! Dawaj” is forever engrained my head! Thanks Domi.

The last element of the triathlon, the running portion, was something special.  With 5 of our 8 competitors attempting distances never before achieved, many of our WITC supporters ran alongside our team mates over sections of the racecourse, providing encouragement, nutrition, support and conversation.

In the end, the entire WITC crew completed their respective races, and even though Grzegorz once again crashed on his bike and battled severe stomach cramps the entire way, he fought his way through to completing his second Ironman distance in as many years.  Go Grzegorz! And finally, a special acknowledgement to Stan, who finished his first-ever Ironman distance race and Luca who got a personal best in the half-ironman distance race – both setting WITC club records in the process!

All smiles at the end of a long day – congratulations everyone!

Thanks once again to all the WITC supporters – who provide a special level of enthusiasm that is the “secret sauce” of Warsaw International Triathlon Club’s success!   Love it!  Together, we’re moving forward!

WITC Roll Call

Ironman Distance                                        WITC support team
Grzegorz Bobrownicki-Libchen                       Ken Globerman
Stan Stadniczenko                                             Marta Raducha
Half-Ironman Distance                              Ewa Smiechowksa
Luco Colombo                                                     Dominika Piasecka
Maciej Brzezinski                                               Paulina Jędrzejczyk
Emil Truszkowski
Lukasz Sodol
Adam Piekarski



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