WITC at the Nieporet Triathon 2014

WITC at the Volvo Nieporet Triathlon, July 2014

The biggest race by far for WITC this year was the Nieporet triathlon, held just to the north on Warsaw next to Lake Zegrze in July. As it was close to Warsaw and not too early in the season, we had 20 WITC’s competing at this inaugural event, with a great mix of newbies and more experienced triathletes.

As people started to show up on the morning of the race, they were in for a bit of a surprise to see Renata taking part in the 1/8 ironman race! Here’s the story in her own words:

Welcome to the club Renata!

Welcome to the club Renata!

Renata Gos: Fear doubles all. Why did I decide to do my first triathlon? I’ve been asking myself this a couple of times… My first triathlon was pretty unique especially as I hardly told anyone that I’m going to participate. If I have to be honest I was terrified and scared that I won’t make it after all. But remember fear doubles all, but at the same time it can also drive you to another level. Thanks to it, at the start I had found my courage and the willingness to finish the task. Why did I do it? The answer eventually came to me itself. First of all I wanted reward myself for months of training and feel like a real member of the group. I mean the amazing group of WITC friends who where waiting for me at the finish line, supported me from the beginning and gave me so much joy. Thank you so much guys for making such big changes in my life :)

Great words there from Renata! After the 1/8 race it was time for the quarter ironman race, which the vast majority of WITC’ers were doing. The swim was one of the trickiest of any triathlon as you had to do 2 loops of 475m and with the first buoy being after only around 150m it was pure chaos there as hundreds of people came up against each other. But after the tough swim the flat bike and run courses meant that it was a fast course and a lot of people set personal bests. Special mention should go to Tristan Sakura who managed to change a flat tyre half-way round the bike course and still finish in a very good time :)

The first WITC’er to cross the line was the impressive Pierre-Francois, who passed Maciej Szymanski right at the end of the run, even though he has a somewhat unusual start to the race…

SONY DSCPierre-Francois: The race did not start well for me, the access roads were closed and consequently I was 3 minutes late to enter the transition zone. Luckily my bike was close to the fence and I managed to throw all of my stuff through. It started with a tough swim, lots of people kicking in every sense. Then I had a funny transition trying to find my stuff. Really nice bike and really nice run due to all the WITC supporters. That is why I improved my personal best ;).

Like Pierre says the support at this race was absolutely incredible, there were lots of WITC supporters along the course and they really helped and inspired those taking part, so big thanks to them all :)

You can also read Olga’s blog about her first triathlon here and view the club photo gallery here.

Congrats everyone!

Congrats everyone!



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