WITC at the Susz triathlon

Herbalife Susz Triathlon, 7th-8th July 2012

The weekend of 7th-8th July saw the moment arrive that many WITC’ers had been anticipating for months. 22 club members headed up to Susz for the weekend (16 to compete plus 6 fantastic supporters) as the club geared up for the biggest event of the year – the Susz Herbalife Triathlon. After months of training, swimming, cycling, running, “brick”ing and mental preparation, not to mention the logistics and organisation of the whole thing, the time had come to put WITC well and truly on the Polish triathlon map.

WITC’s (half) Ironmen ready to go

The first day saw the Half Ironman race with 3 WITC’ers participating. The rest of the group came along to cheer them on and get an idea of what to expect the next day as the realisation slowly started to dawn that this triathlon-thingy is going to happen. After seeing Grzegorz, Stan and Luca successfully complete the Half-Ironman distance, we all made our way back to the hotel, giving us a chance for some last minute open water swimming, cycling and preparation of the race gear…

After an early start on the Sunday, breaking our collective fasts, packing stuff and driving down to Susz, it was time to get the bikes out of the van and make a few minor adjustments (or change inner tubes in a few cases, and in one particular case several times!) before the Sprint group headed down to the transition area to drop off their stuff. Then all that was left to do was wait…

Sprinters and support team before the big day

The Sprint Triathlon was split into 2 groups with the women, children and older men in the first group at 11am, and everyone else in the second group at 1pm. This gave everyone competing on Sunday the chance to cheer on the other group, and as Ken, Hans, Mark, Lizzy, Cristina and Kasia lined up on the shore of the lake, the other WITC’ers were all watching, cheering them on and taking copious amounts of pictures. After seeing the first group finish the first two stages, the second group (Emil, Igors, Alex, Tristan, Andy, Alan and Maciej) headed to the transition zone to get ready for the start of their race, just as the first group was finishing.

All smiles at the finish line

The second group was very competitive (contrary to widespread rumours no scorpions were put in anyone’s shoes!) and although Emil came out clearly on top, only about 10 minutes separated the other 6 competitors, and afterwards everyone met up at the finish line for some much needed refreshments and to pose for yet more photos.

A big congratulations goes out to everyone who took part and finished the event – for most it was their first ever triathlon and almost certainly not the last, and a huge thanks to the support team too on what was a great weekend individually and collectively!

Once everyone had recovered the club held a post-Susz awards ceremony at Znajomy Znajomych which included a video superbly edited by Olgierd. This seemed to catch the imagination of even more WITC’ers as there were more first-time triathletes at the Siedlce triathlon in August – watch this space for more information about that!

Sprint                                                                  Half-Ironman
Ken Globerman                                                   Stan Stadniczenko
Hans Koeppen                                                     Grzegorz Bobrownicki-Libchen
Mark Mulrainey                                                  Luco Colombo
Cristina Moldoveanu
Lizzy Shackelford
Kasia Janota                                                         Support team
Emil Truszkowski                                                Julia Korysheva
Alex Hobley                                                          Olga Krasowska
Igors Berkovics                                                    Olgierd Swida
Andy Mossop                                                       Lucian Albulescu
Maciej Brzezinski                                                 Marta Raducha
Tristan Sakura                                                     Magda Słomska
Alan Parsons

Some club members have also written blogs about their individual experience of the Susz triathlon, which you can read below:



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