ORTOREH holds lecture for WITC members


On 26th June, WITC‘s Tuesday Evening Running Series culminated with a trip over to Warsaw Sports Physical and Massage Therapy Clinic “ORTOREH“. One of WITC’s core partners, ORTOREH, is a specialist sports rehabilitation clinic which was founded to meet the medical needs of people who are physically active, and for whom fitness and sport are a priority. Co-owners Ewa and Andrzej Piotrowski and 3 of their staff specialists welcomed about 15 WITC’s members for a 90 minute talk.

Conducted in Polish (with wonderful translation by club interpreter Marta Raducha), ORTOREH’s clinicians discussed typical injuries and injury prevention techniques for runners and triathletes. They also demonstrated essential stretching and core-strengthening tips to help mitigate future injury. Finally, club members were exposed to the critical difference between “over-use injuries” vs. “degenerative injuries” – often confused by many amateur athletes who often conclude they should retire from the sport!

Club member Martin Pape took the following video of the lecture:

This is the first of such lectures WITC will be organizing for its members. To become a member, please click here.

For more information on the range of partners that offer exclusive discounts to WITC members please click here.



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