The mental and physical battle of running a marathon – By Mark Mulrainey

In the latest of WITC’s special member articles, our very own party animal and regular marathon runner Mark Mulrainey gives us an insight into just what goes through his head on marathon day:



The emotional and physical journey you go through while pushing your body and mind to the limits – by Mark Mulrainey

MarkrunningWhile training for or actually running a marathon, I have a couple of companions on the trip, my brain and my body. Usually at around 30km my body (knee) starts to moan that it has had enough, it hurts and eventually it will tell me its broken and can’t go any further, I keep telling it that it is fine and nothing is wrong, we’ve managed to do this distance many times, so shut up and run. This is when my brain joins in, brain tends to agree with the knee, so now I have developed a limp and it actually hurts, both knee and brain are telling me that the knee is broken it couldn’t possibly keep going, now we are at 32km, 10km to go, this can be done in 40-60 minutes I try to explain this to them both. Suddenly we hit a wave of people supporting all the runners, lots of cheering and music, this is meant to lift the spirits of the athletes, by god does it work, suddenly my limp has disappeared, my brain is saying we can go faster, my knee is responding, I just picked up 5km per hour in speed. We get to km 38, 4 to go and guess what?? Knee starts to tell me it is broken again, I explain it is full of shit and we only have 4km left to go, if needed I will do it without it. And on I push…

The moment you pass over that line, you feel the sheer delight that it is all over, the physical pain and emotional turmoil you just put yourself through is all over. You feel like laughing, crying, lying down, anything but running.

Next day somebody suggests you sign up for another marathon, guess what the answer is?

crossing the line

The moment you pass over that line, you feel the sheer delight that it is over …” Mark on the final straight of the Warsaw marathon


Are you running a marathon this year? Is it your first or hundred and first? If you would like to write about your marathon experiences for the club please contact us on facebook :)



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