WITC at the Rawa Mazowiecka triathlon, 2013

WITC at the Rawa Mazowiecka triathlon, 28th July 2013

On a swelteringly hot weekend at the end of July 7, WITC’ers headed down to the town of Rawa Mazowiecka for an Olympic triathlon, some of them doing the distance for the first time.

In the week running up to the event, two key issues had concerned competitors. Firstly, as this race was part of the Puchar Polski (Polish Cup) participants were required to obtain a licence from the Polish Triathlon Union, which meant arranging a doctor’s certificate. And secondly the water temperature in the lake was high so there was a question mark as to whether wetsuits would be allowed or not.

After arriving in Rawa (with some people cycling 25km from Skierniewice station) it was announced that wetsuits are banned as the water temperature is 24 degrees. And as for the licence, some people received it because they “had a nice name” and others were refused it because they weren’t Polish! In the end it didn’t make any difference and everyone got to take part.

And they're off!

And they’re off!

The forecast for the Sunday was 35 degrees, although competitors were given some hope on the morning in the form of clouds in the sky, but unfortunately they wouldn’t linger long.

The swim was 2 laps of 750m, which gave supporters the chance to take great photos of people coming out of the water. Everyone finished the swim ok (even Andy ;)) and with the clouds clearing headed out on the bike course.


Cristina finishing the first lap


Alan doing what he does best…


Andy looking pleased to be coming out of the water

The bike course was a picturesque 3 lap route through the villages/countryside around Rawa, with the local villagers and farm animals there to give participants a cheer or a moo!

Then as the time reached around 2pm it was time to start on the run, another picturesque course, this time along the lake we swam in earlier, but with no shade and in baking temperatures. Some light relief was offered to runners by the water station and the sprinklers, and it finally gave the WITC’ers the chance to nod, wave or hi/low-five each other on the out-and-back loops.

Despite the insane temperatures everyone finished successfully without getting sunstroke! Special congratulations go out fastest finisher Pierre (for the second time in 2 weeks after his performance in Elk the week before) as well a first time Olympic distance finishers Alan, Cristina and Andy.

Andy got his ass kicked...

Andy got his ass kicked…

Flying Frenchman Pierre had the following to say after the race “35°C forecast, wetsuits not allowed, let’s say that the parameters were not the most optimistic on the Saturday! During the swim I was thinking that a compass is really needed. Had a lot of fun on the bike with the drafting, I felt like I was in the Tour de France or in a GP race when the Ukrainian passed me. Serious things came with the run, no water, no wind to cool you down and the sun makes sure that you don’t forget it. Fortunately the route along the lake was very beautiful. So all in all it was a long swim, a lot of fun on bike, a tough run and finally a race that went surprisingly well for me!

Well done to everyone who took part in this great day!


WITC roll call

Olympic distance finishers


Kyle Bowers

Igors Berkovics

Arek Kieres

Alan Parsons (you can read Alan’s long blog about Rawa here)

Cristina Moldoveanu

Andy Mossop

Support team

Agata Dubas

Marta Jachimowicz

You can view the photo album here.



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