WITC at the Siedlce triathlon 2013

WITC at the Siedlce Super-Sprint Triathlon, 18 August 2013

This year’s edition of “Triathlon Siedlecki” was a blast! The weather this time could not have been more different to last year (which you can read about here) with clear skies and warm weather awaiting the competitors.

A group of no less than 10 WITC’ers finished the race comprising a 400m swim and 10km offroad bike ride (along narrow paths through dense forest and deep sand dunes) followed by a picturesque 3km run along the lake.

WITC at the Siedlce Triathlon 2013

WITC at the Siedlce Triathlon 2013 – just before start

Anticipation was in the air when around 150 contestants entered the water. Having followed the junior races we knew where to swim and the layout of the transition zone, so first-timers Joanna, Shen, Angelika, Marta and Vegard (and probably also the rest) didn’t have to be nervous about not finding their way.

Swimming was pleasant, starting in the water with a very wide starting line and a good distance to the first buoy reduced the usual “water rugby” and allowed us to focus more on actual swimming. The water was warm, and the quality was better than in Susz. Also, the swim was in a different part of the lake than the public beach where the Zalew Cup was held, so the water was less muddy compared to our previous experiences in Siedlce this summer.

The bike ride was “something else” compared to almost all other triathlons where you ride on paved roads with road bikes. It is unusual with an offroad track, but WITC handled the challenge very well. Here’s what the bike ride looked like from a rider’s perspective (by the time of the actual race, they had marked the trail properly, otherwise we’d never have been able to find our way): http://youtu.be/bYnmf5ZH1Jo

As the run consisted of a 1.5km out-and-back route, the runners had plenty opportunity to watch for opponents and teammates – so I am not sure how many focused on the picturesque landscape. A few were even running with headphones, which made it look like they were out jogging, if it hadn’t been for the starting numbers…

WITC members make their mark

WITC at the Siedlce triathlon 2013

Tristan is prepared for the Siedlce triathlon 2013

The first WITC member to appear on the beach after a 400m loop was Vegard (since Arek wasn’t around), followed by Cristina, Tristan, Shen, Angelika, Martins, Dominika, Alan, Joanna and Marta.

The bike trail was composed of two 5km laps, and the technical challenges both separated riders and kept them going at approximately the same speed due to limited opportunities for overtaking others on the mostly narrow trail. Jumping off the bike and heading into the transition zone before the final 3km run, Vegard was surprisingly still in the lead (probably helped by the previously mentioned difficulty in overtaking), closely followed by Martins, Tristan and Alan.

With a still-not-fully-healed heel injury from a freak waterslide accident several weeks earlier that stopped him from participating in the Gdynia aquathlon, Vegard would have been happy to end the race after the bike ride. Carefully putting on various plasters and (running) shoes for the first time since the accident took its time, and literally dozens raced past him in the transition zone. Limping along after the others, he was heard grinding out the words “I’ll finish this even if I have to walk!” between his teeth.

Martins started his run first, with Tristan chasing behind. Alan put his long legs to work, overtook both of them and went on to secure the fastest run and the best finishing time of the WITC members, followed by Tristan, Martins, Vegard, Shen, Cristina, Joanna, Angelika, Marta and Dominika.

Our supporters included Ken, Ela (who was planning to participate, but unfortunately was injured by a piece of glass on the beach at the Gdynia aquathlon), Emil, Joanna, Vega the dog and several more.

Congratulations to everyone who took part!

Congratulations to everyone who took part!

Read all about it…

The coverage in the local newspaper features some WITC’ers: http://podlasie24.pl/wiadomosci/siedlce/fotoreportaz–z-iv-triathlonu-siedleckiego–f5e8.html

…and even more WITC’ers found their way into this Google+ photo collection by Martyna Rembelak: https://plus.google.com/photos/107887821536518267453/albums/5913757389836227297

This PDF contains more than 1200 photos of which only a few contain WITC members, but you can really see all aspects of the event (please note this file is 130 MB, so it is not recommended for mobile download): http://www.siedlce-zwiedzanie.pl/pdf/2013-08-18_4_triatlon_siedlecki.pdf

Finally, you can view the club’s photo gallery here!



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