WITC at the Warsaw Marathon 2012

WITC at the Warsaw Marathon,  30th September 2012

WITC had about 12 runners (and a handful of unofficial bandits :) ) and even more spectators cheering them on at the 2012 Warsaw Marathon, including several first-timers! The race was the biggest in the event’s history with just under 7,000 finishers and is one of the most important dates on the running calendar in Warsaw.

Two of WITC’s runners shared their thoughts on the day with us.

Andy Mossop

Andy sprinting down the final straight

This was my first ever marathon so I was nervous about running further than I’ve ever run before and at the same time boosted by my results in the half-marathon combined with the long runs I’d done with the club.  The first 30km went well as I felt much better than I expected.  The last 12.2 was a combination of being passed by pace makers and passing cheering supporters from the club.  The support was definitely better for my morale than the pace-makers and it’s them that helped me get to the finish line at all!  In the end I was very happy to finish and very satisfied with my time.



Dan Miller

Dan applauding the great support in the national stadium at the finish

After spending the first half of 2012 making the transformation from weekend jogger to spirited runner by participating in the Warsaw Half Marathon, I spent an evening under the influence of a couple of beers pondering my chances of actually completing the full marathon in September. I came to the beer-goggled conclusion that I would be up to the challenge to complete the 42.195K in one go by the end of September!

On the big day I had my pre-run, morning breakfast ritual consisting of a big bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios (no product placement intended) with sliced bananas, a strong coffee, and about two liters of water. Upon arriving [at the national stadium], I dropped off my extra clothes, and dutifully waited to use the bathroom. Judging by the size of the line, the other participants all seemed to be well hydrated before the race as well. Publically I mentioned to most people beforehand that my goal was to just finish the race, but privately my goal was to finish under four hours. With the exception of one bathroom break around the 15th kilometer, I just kept putting one foot in front of the other. I kept a steady pace, and luckily didn’t run into that proverbial wall most runners speak of so ominously.

I think there were three or four things that carried me through the race; staying hydrated, good tunes, and the amount of people who came out in support of the runners-especially, the people from WITC who were all such a welcome sight with the cheers and high-fives. Thanks guys!

As Dan and Andy have said, the support at the event was incredible with several WITC’ers even joining in for sections of the race to support the runners.

Runners and support team post-race – congrats everybody!!

See the club’s photo gallery here





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