WITC at the Borowno Ironman

WITC’s Grzegorz Bobrownicki-Libchen completes an Ironman Distance Triathlon

In a small town northeast of Bydgoszcz, Poland on a lovely day in early September, the Borówno Triathlon was about to become a reality. One of the few Ironman distances in Poland, the race featured the grueling 3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42.2km run circuit. It also featured the half-ironman distance on the same day.

As the sun rose over a crystal clear lake, Warsaw International Triathlon Club’s Grzegorz Bobrownicki-Libchen stood at the edge of the waterfront along with about 50 other competitors. WITC’s own Ken Globerman and Mark Mulrainey were there to see him off. It was his first attempt at an Ironman, but he looked up to the task.

Starting the swim

Starting the swim

He entered the water in style and transitioned out in great form, swiftly moving onto his bike for the long ride ahead. Borówno featured a 30km biking circuit that competitors completed 6 times. And while Grzegorz was on the bike, Ken and Mark were joined by fellow club member Cristina Moldoveanu, taking the opportunity to use the cycling route as a training opportunity for the upcoming Warsaw Marathon – which was just 4 weeks later.

Grzegorz transitioned off of the bike in the late afternoon, leading into the 42.2km run that lie ahead. While Ken, Mark and Cristina were grabbing lunch, our teammate continued to meet his personal Ironman challenge!

As the sun was about to set over Borówno, Grzegorz and many other Ironman competitors still had a long way to go! There to provide support, Cristina even ran a few kilometers alongside our team member in the final stages of the race.

Borowno GBL Running

Cristina supporting Grzegorz on the run

By about 9pm, Grzegorz was approaching us for his final 100 meters, which he sprinted in fashion! On this day, he became the first to complete an Ironman as a WITC club member, finishing in 28th place in a time of 13 hours and 3 minutes.

Congrats to him!

Grzegorz vows to cut at least an hour off his time in 2012. WITC will be there to support him and all other club members who plan to participate!




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